For the latest on what's happening in the Orange County real estate market, watch my Market Update Video & feel free to share it with your buyers, sellers & those in your office.  With the major banks & in-house lenders struggling in today's real estate market, it's time to put me on your list for your next buyer. As a Mortgage Broker with 20 year of experience, I have access to great investors with amazing rates.  Your buyers need be working with a mortgage expert who knows how to get their loans APPROVED!!  Call me at 949-689-LOAN (5626).


As Buyers continue to take advantage of this amazing real estate market, recent tighter guidelines have made transactions more complicated than ever before.  Knowledge, ingenuity and experience are a must when it comes to your choice of a lender!  With all of the craziness that we're facing on a daily basis, it's so important to be working with an experienced Mortgage Broker!  Whether your clients are looking for a Conforming, Conforming Jumbo, or an FHA/VA loan, I can offer your buyers the flexibility and diversity of loan programs and extremely competitive rates that a direct lender can not offer.  Call me any time at:  949-689-5626.


May 2010 Calif.
Foreclosure Report

To keep your Buyers & Sellers keenly aware of what is affecting our market... it's important that you have a detailed look at the Foreclosure Radar: 


For a complete breakdown for what is in store for our mortgage rates, be sure to take a look below for a detailed analysis of next week's economic schedule, or check this link to my Complete Economic Calendar.  As you head into the weekend be sure to print out my latest mortgage rates at:  Weekend Rate Sheet, as I update this sheet each week, for you to have at your Open Houses, and meetings with new buyers.


If you are meeting with any new buyers this weekend, I will be working, so have them give me a call at 949-689-LOAN (5626), so I can help them with their loan.  I would love making the approval process extremely quick and painless for them.  You can either call me to have me give them a call, or feel free to have them call me directly at  949-689-LOAN (5626).  For any of your more technically savvy buyers, you can always send them to my "On-line" Quick Application at: Mike's On-Line Quick Application. They seem to like doing the applications on-line. 
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Single Family

$ 417,000


$ 645,300


$ 533,850


$ 801,950

As for this weekend, be sure to print out my current Weekend Rate Sheet  for your open houses, and  please give me a call at 949-689-LOAN (5626) if you have any questions, a new buyer, or if you have any suggestions for additional information on my web site.  Also, please feel free to link my site to your own personal web site, as my 20+ years in the industry and my technical experience, helps me work well with the most meticulous Engineer, and the "Low Tech" blue-collar home buyer. My job is to get all of your buyers the best loan that will help them achieve their goals and dreams.