Thank You for applying with my Quick Approval Application!
I look forward to approving your loan quickly and making this
process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Following is a list of items that I will need for you to gather for me, and fax to me at (949) 435-2574.  A number of these items may not apply to you specifically, so do the best that you can, as we can follow-up later on anything that you may have missed.
  Most recent Two (2) Months Pay stubs for all Borrowers.
  Most recent Two (2) Years W2's for all Borrowers.
  Most recent Two (2) Years 1040 (Federal only) Tax Returns (signed) .
  YTD Profit & Loss Statement if Borrower(s) are Self-Employed.
  Rental / Lease Agreements for all Rental Properties Owned.
  Two (2) Months Statements for ALL Assets (Bank, IRA's,401k's, etc.)
  Proof of Liquidation of all non-liquid assets.
  If you are receiving a "Gift", please print and fill out this Gift Letter.
  Escrow / Transaction information, if you are selling your current home.

  Most recent Mortgage Statements for Subject Property (if Refinance)
  Current Home Owner's Insurance Statement (Dec Page)
  Detailed Landlord Contact Information (if you're currently renting)